Early Childhood Providers: Comprehensive Background Check Process

Greetings Child Care providers,

In order to provide you with continuing technical assistance, this is a reminder of the steps needed to complete the comprehensive background check process.  These steps must be taken:

  1. The person is fingerprinted for child care by the State Bureau of Identification:
  2. If the person has lived out-of-state (OOS) in the past 5 years, the person contacts each state of residence and requests a name-based criminal history search and a child abuse and neglect search.
  3. If the person currently lives OOS, the person contacts the state of residence and completes a fingerprinted criminal history search and a child abuse and neglect search.
  4. Here is the link to provide to the person seeking the OOS checks.  Interstate Child Care Background Check Contact List (hhs.gov) [childcareta.acf.hhs.gov]
  5. The results of the OOS checks must be sent to the Criminal History Unit (CHU).
  6. A person cannot be alone with children until CHU sends an email stating the person is eligible.
  7. If the OOS checks are not completed within 15 days of being notified by CHU that OOS checks are required, you must provide proof of the efforts taken to obtain the checks to your licensing specialist.
  8. If the OOS checks are not completed and proof of efforts are not received, the person cannot be present.
  9. If a person has not completed the process within 45 days of fingerprinting and there are no extenuating circumstances, the person cannot be present until all checks are completed and the person is determined eligible.

If you have any questions, please contact your licensing specialist.

The Office of Child Care Licensing

Department of Education

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