Child Care Options

Tools To Help You Choose

Steps to Finding the Best Child Care for Your Family

Finding the right child care for your family is a big decision! There is so much to consider; location, price, size, ages served, schedule, training of staff, cleanliness, materials, etc.

The Office of Child Care Licensing (OCCL) regularly visits child care providers to review that basic health and safety standards are being followed. These records are available to the public.

They can be found on each provider’s record by search OCCL at the link below:

Also, you can return to the Home page and search Delaware providers.  (click here)

Here are a few additional tools that go beyond licensing to help you in your search.

Delaware Stars for Early Success Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) evaluates and rates the quality of care beyond the licensing requirements. Child care providers that choose to participate are rated on a scale that goes from Star Level 1 “Starting with Stars” to Star Level 5. 
For more information visit, http://www.delawarestars.udel.edu/

Accreditation is another way a child care provider communicates the quality of their program. In order to become accredited by an agency child care providers are evaluated according to the agency’s set of rules. Some child care providers in Delaware are accredited by the following agencies. Visit their websites for more information on the rules and process for becoming accredited.

There are pros and cons for each type of care. To help you decide what is important to you the following provides you with a comparison at a glance:

* If you use unlicensed care that should be licensed in Delaware, you cannot take it as a tax deduction. Please check with your tax expert to find out the details for your individual family.

^ There are tax implications both for the parent and the provider when using in-home care (care that takes place in the child’s home).  Please check with your tax expert to find out the details for your individual family.

Consumer Education is designed to help parents access information in order to make informed consumer choices
and to strengthen requirements to protect the health and safety of children in care.