Transition from Early Childhood to K-12

Delaware offers many great options for education, such as traditional school districts, charter schools, private schools and homeschools.
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This guide is designed to help families find information on childcare and early learning as well as determine a child’s next steps in education, find neighborhood schools and meet any transportation needs. https://delaware.gov/guides/school-k-12/

Public Schools

  • Neighborhood/ School of Residence: A District or School of Residence is the district or school a student is assigned to/attends based on the student’s home address. Use the interactive school locator map to find and verify your school of residence.
  • School Choice: Delaware’s school choice program allows families living in Delaware to apply to enroll their children in any Delaware public school district, charter school or vocational-technical school, regardless of their home address. With a few exceptions, families must choice students into schools during the school choice application window. https://education.delaware.gov/families/k12/school-choice/
  • Charter Schools: Charter schools are free, independent, public schools that play a critical role in Delaware’s public education landscape. In 1995, the charter school law was passed with the goal of increasing choices for families and raising the academic performance of all Delaware schools. https://education.delaware.gov/families/k12/school-choice/

Use the Report Card Lookup to get detailed educational information about any Delaware district, district public school, or charter school.

Kindergarten Registration/Readiness Info. Families should begin preparing their children to register for kindergarten in the winter before kindergarten begins. In Delaware, students must be five-years-old by August 31 of the current school year to attend kindergarten. Kindergarten registration deadlines vary per school, so please check with your local school district for specific timelines. https://education.delaware.gov/families/birth-age-5/early_resources/register_for_kindergarten/

Private Schools & Homeschooling:

The Delaware Department of Education’s (DDOE) Nonpublic School support section is your central source for information about nonpublic homeschools and private schools in the State of Delaware.

The option to homeschool or attend private school in Delaware provides the parents and/or guardians of school-age children alternatives to public schools.


Concerns about your child’s development?

If you think your child has developmental delays or a disability, please contact the Child Find department within your school district.  You can find the full list of phone number on the Delaware Department of Education website.

Other Resources:

Delaware Readiness Team offer more information and events to support families as they prepare their children to attend Kindergarten https://www.delawarereadinessteam.com/current-initiatives/kindergarten-month/

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