Final Tiered Reimbursement Reminder: Deadline 7/15/24


Applicable to Providers Receiving Tiered Reimbursement: Enter Attendance by July 15th Reminder


Dear Early Childhood Providers,

The following reminder is for providers receiving Tiered Reimbursement hold-harmless payments for the last fiscal year 2024.


  • The last day to enter June POC attendance into ASSIST for your final tiered reimbursement payment is July 15, 2024.
  • Attendance entered after July 15, 2024 will be forfeited for June 2024. You will not receive a payment. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.
  • Final reimbursement payments will be processed by the Office of Early Learning in August 2024.
  • Bank statements should reflect this payment by August 31, 2024. You must check your bank statements to make sure there are no issues.
  • If there are issues with the final payment, notify us by September 15, 2024. Email with any issues with your final payment.
  • Information regarding the Quality Improvement Award process for FY25 will be forthcoming in mid-July 2024.


Thank you for your partnership on this historical program. We look forward to reading your Quality Improvement Award application.

Thank you!
The Office of Early Learning

A copy of the memo can be found by clicking here.



Text for reference from the FY24 Tiered Reimbursement memo that was sent on June 30, 2023:

As a reminder, Purchase of Care rates increased to 100% of the 75th Percentile of the 2021 Market Rate on July 1, 2023. These updated rates represent our commitment to ensuring programs do not see less money from both Purchase of Care and tiered reimbursement in fiscal year 2024 than they received in fiscal year 2023. For rates set at zero dollars for tiered reimbursement, you will now receive as much or more money from Purchase of Care alone as you did from the previous combination of Purchase of Care and tiered reimbursement.

Please note that you do not need to do anything differently in fiscal year 2024 to receive the new reimbursements. Please continue to submit attendance to Purchase of Care no later than the 15th of the following month to be eligible for the updated rates. You will continue to receive payments as you have in the past.

Finally, as a reminder, this is a hold-harmless year as we transition away from the tiered reimbursement process. Our goal beginning fiscal year 2025 is to continue to provide similar funding opportunities through a lens of improving early education program quality for Delaware’s children. When the tiered reimbursement process ends on June 30, 2024, the same funds will be available going forward as Quality Improvement Awards. Over the next year we will provide additional details about Quality Improvement Awards and how this funding can support programming needs with technical assistance to support implementation.










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