Market Rate Study for Child Care Providers

December 11, 2020

To All Family, Large Family, and Center Child Care Providers,

On October 12, 2020, the Office of Child Care Licensing sent you an email informing you of the upcoming market rate survey to be conducted by the Delaware Division of Social Services.  The information gathered in this survey will be used to calculate Delaware’s child-care market rate, which is used as the standard for state reimbursement rate policies and helps the state determine how much money to pay child-care providers for purchase of care subsidies. Your participation is important and will help the state get the most accurate information needed to calculate reimbursement rates.

DHSS has been tasked with getting 100% compliance in the survey from child care providers.  If you have not already participated, a survey representative will be personally coming to your family, large family, or center child care facility to encourage your participation.  Remember, the information you provide in the Market Rate Survey is critical in determining the cost of child care in our state.

For more information about the Market Rate Survey, you may call Belvie Herbert at the Division of Social Services at (302)255-9611. If you prefer to speak directly with the researchers, you may call Bill Horrace at (315)491-0123.

The Office of Child Care Licensing


October 9, 2020

From the Division of Social Services:

Dear Providers,

As you may know, each state that receives federal funding for child care is required to conduct periodic reviews of its child care reimbursement rates. This process is called a Market Rate Survey or Market Rate Study. You are receiving this correspondence because we need your help with this process.

A research team, Research America, will be contacting you shortly to ask you a few questions. It is important that you participate because the information that you provide is used by the state to determine how much to pay providers who serve families receiving Purchase of Care and ensures that these families have equal access to comparable services.

Attached you will find a letter explaining the purpose of the survey and a worksheet with some questions on it to help you prepare for the call from the research team. You will only need to focus on the worksheet that pertains to your type of program. There is one worksheet for Family Child Care programs and a separate worksheet for centers.

MRS Letter to Provider (SIGNED)

MRS Worksheet Centers 2.28.18

MRS Worksheet Family Child Care 2.28.18

Again we appreciate your help and please do not hesitate to reach out to Belvie Herbert with any questions or concerns using the contact information found in the letter.

The Division of Social Services

Additionally here are the dates, times and contact details for the Information Sessions to learn more.

MRS information Sessions 10-19 and 10-21

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