Provider Advisory Board: Survey Opportunity

To All Family, Large Family, and Center Child Care providers,

The information below is sent to you on behalf of the State of Delaware’s Joint Legislative Oversight & Sunset Committee.

Questions should be emailed to the JLOSC analysts at  The Office of Child Care Licensing has no additional information.

Office of Child Care Licensing

The Department of education



This survey is being conducted by analysts for the Joint Legislative Oversight & Sunset Committee (JLOSC), who are soliciting provider opinions on the JLOSC 2023 performance review of the child care Provider Advisory Board.

JLOSC performs periodic legislative reviews of agencies, commissions, boards, and other public entities. The purpose of the review is to determine whether or not there is a genuine public need for the entity and, if so, determine if it is effectively performing to meet that need. More information about JLOSC and its review process can be found here:

As the first step in the review process, the Provider Advisory Board submitted an initial self-report availablehere:

The link to the survey is

If you have any questions or additional comments, please email the JLOSC analysts at


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