Find information about COVID-19 in Delaware.

We will use this page to house resources about COVID-19 for Child Care Providers

For up-to-date information please visit the COVID-19 child care site or contact the Office of Early Learning.

This is a list of best practices resources to assist Child Care Professionals Professionals Resources (Online Professional Learning and Health and Safety) 08.05 and some for Families Family Resources (At-Home Activities Phone Apps How to Talk to Children and Community Resources) 08.05.  Some are specifically about COVID-19 and others are resources that can be used now and at any time.

COVID-19 and Child Care is a constantly changing situation in Delaware.  You can read the many changes and important information that came out on different dates.  Some highlights are also in “Latest News” on the right hand side of the page.



9.17.20_1_ECE Provider Call #10-9 3 20

9.15.20_1_DOE_Enhanced Reimbursement Update

9.14.20_1_Webinar_Re-opening Child Care Safely



8.28.20_1_OCCL_Sample Letters

8 27 20_1_ECE Provider Call 9 MinutesFINAL_on 8 20 20

8.5.20_1_ECE Provider Call 8 Minutes_on 7-29-20

JULY 2020

7.27.20_ECE Provider Call #8 & August ER & POC Information

7.15.20_1_ECE Provider Call 7 Minutes

JUNE 2020

6.30.20_ECE Provider Call 6 Minutes

6.26.20_1_Provider Call Information

6.25.20_1_Child Care Providers_Phase 3 Information

6.22.20_1_DSCYF_Questions from Providers- 06-22-2020

6.22.29_1_Pool Use Clarification

6.18.20_1_Phase 2 Message

6.17.20_1_On behalf of DIEEC

6.12.20_1_Child Care Provider Update_Requirements-Plan

6.12.20_1_Got a Question for ECE Provider Call #6

6.11.20_1_ECE Provider Call #6 Invite

6.11.20_ECE Provider Important Update for Webinars_New Zoom Link

6.10.20_1_DOE_ECE Provider Call #5 Minutes

6.9.20_ECE Provider Information-Reopening Child Care Safely in DE

6.5.20_1_Enhanced Reimbursement Update

6.2.20_1_OCCL_Child Care Provider_Phase 2

6.1.20_OEL_ECE Provider Call #5

MAY 2020

5.28.20_POC Contact and Cares Act Memo

5.28.20_OCCL_Child Care Guidance Relating to Phase 1

5.18.20_1_OCCL_Minutes from ECE Provider Call #4

5.15.20_1_DSCYF_Information for Child Care Providers-Gov. Carney Releases Phase I Economic Reopening Guidance

5.15.20_1_OEL_Reminder for ECE Providers

5.14.20_1_Provider Groups

5.12.20_1_DSCYF_Provider Information

5.12.20_1_OEL_ECE Provider Call #4 Wednesday, 5-13 at 6 PM

5.8.20_Provider Appreciation Day 2020

5.6.20_1_OCCL_Emergency Child Care Provider Guidance-Interim Steps, Small Businesses

5.5.20_1_DOE_Enhanced Reimbursement Update

5.1.20_1_DSCYF_Sussex County Community Testing Sites

APRIL 2020

4.29.20_1_ECE Provider Call #3 Minutes 042320

4.29.20_1_OCCL_Emergency Child Care Provider Update & Mask, Guidance

4.23.20_1_DE Stars_Free Webinar_Federal Relief Resources

4.21.20_1_OCCL_Important Updates

4.20.20_1_OEL_FAQs for Enhanced Reimbursement

4.17.20_1_OEL_ECC Provider-Call #2 Minutes for 4-15-20 and additional info for Closed Sites

4.16.20_1_OEL_Update Guidance

4.16.20_1_OEL_Enhanced Reimbursement Link is LIVE

4.15.20_1_OEL_Provider Update-Enhanced Reimbursement Application4.14.20_1_OEL_OCCL_Updated Financial Document

4.9.20_1_OEL_Loan Program_Next Call for Providers

4.6.20_1_OCCL-OEL_Child Care Conference Call Notes for 4 3 20

4.4.20_1_OCCL_Updated Weekly Screeening Form

4.2.20_1_Gov Carney Press Release Regarding Donated Supplies

4.2.20_2_OCCL-OEL_Imp Info for Emergency Child Care Sites and COVID-19

4.1.20_1_OCCL_Email to Providers to Clarify Half Walls

MARCH 2020

3.30.20_1_Gov Carney Signs Order Emergency Child Care Sites for Essential Personnel

3.30.20_2_OEL_Provider Message for Emergency Child Care Sites

3.27.20_1_Emergency Childhood Mental Health Consultants

3.26.20_1_OCCL Email Blast

3.24.20_1_DSCYF_Child Care Provider Information

3.20.20_1_OCCL Information

3.19.20_1_Govenor Carney Signs Executive Order on Child Care

3.19.20_2_DSS COVID-19 Message to POC Providers

3.19.20_3_SBI Dover Office Temp Changes Procedures

3.4.20_1_DPH_Updates on Coronavirus Preparedness from Public Health

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