Read about the training requirements and regulations. Find resources to take trainings and document your professional development.

To become a licensed child care provider there are required trainings. Some have to be completed before you start. There are others that need to be completed each year.
Adult education class on CPR and First Aid. Students and teacher with dummy.

A staff member’s position and the type of child care determine what training or professional development(PD) is required.  Please make sure the trainings you are taking and can be used to fulfill requirements for licensing and/or Quality Assured hours for Delaware Stars.  Below is information about  some training requirements and options:

DELACARE Regulations on training requirements


Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood’s professional development department is dedicated to maximizing the healthy growth and development of Delaware’s children by supporting quality early care and educational programming for all children. In partnerships, the Institute works to create and sustain a system for enhancing the professional knowledge and skills of those who work with children from birth through age twelve. DIEEC links Early Childhood Educators with professional development opportunities through instruction and individual technical support.

The Delaware Association for the Education of Young Children offers training courses and periodic conferences throughout the state of Delaware.

Delaware First Professional Development for Early Childhood is known as Delaware First.  Delaware First is a system where an early learning professional’s trainings are reviewed. The review will determine their level so that he/she can work in early childhood centers or school-age programs.  Delaware First also offers Career Advisement before and during the process. Delaware First has now been replaced with DEEDS .

Delaware Professional Development Now offers quality assured online professional development courses.

Early Childhood Innovation Center:

The ECIC is an exciting initiative leading the charge to unapologetically provide holistic and comprehensive programs and supports for the Delaware Early Childhood Community. The Early Childhood Scholarship Program will move to ECIC as of June 2023.To learn more about this innovative program join the ECIC’s email list, to stay up to date on the program incentives, stipends and scholarship opportunities that will be available beginning in June 2023! Click HERE to join or go to

If you have any questions, please contact the ECIC directly at   

Better Kid Care- Penn State Extension, known as Better Kid Care, offers low cost online and mail order training for child care providers.

Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center (ECLKC), part of Head Start, offers a variety of online trainings and webinars developed for their staff, but they are open to anyone.  Look on their website for upcoming events.

To all Purchase of Care (POC) Providers:

By now you are aware that the state has implemented a statewide suspension and expulsion policy and that all licensed providers are required to have an individual program suspension and expulsion policy. This memo simply serves to keep you apprised of the state’s suspension and expulsion policy implementation progress. Please read it and share with your colleagues. Please also be advised that beginning March 7, 2020 the University of Delaware, DIEEC will be facilitating a 3-hour in-person suspension and expulsion training statewide, Maintaining Equity in Early Childhood: Suspension & Expulsion Prevention. All POC providers and staff are strongly encouraged  to attend this training but the training is open to all licensed providers. These trainings can only accommodate 30 participants at one time because of the level of engagement, therefore the University will be rolling the trainings out statewide at different times and venues. You can find a listing of the classes at

Please read the Suspension and Expulsion Implementation Memo

You can also read the Suspension and Expulsion Policy

Licensing regulations can be found on the Delaware Office of Child Care Licensing website.

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