QRIS Revisions & program NOT in DE Stars

October 28, 2020

The following information is being sent to you at the request of Delaware Stars.  

Dear Early Childhood Professionals,

We are looking for professionals working in early care and education programs not currently enrolled in Delaware Stars to participate in a 90-minute group discussion.

As we are moving forward with the revision of Delaware Stars, it’s critical that we hear from the whole early childhood community. As part of finalizing and transitioning to the revised Delaware Stars system, our goal is to make sure we’re hearing from all perspectives, including those who are and those who are not participating in Delaware Stars at this time.

We are beginning in Phase 1 of the transition, starting with center-based programs (please visit the QRIS Revision webpage for more revision information).

  • Phase 1 is focused on testing the revised standards and key practices along with developing training and technical assistance to support the revised system,
  • Phase 2 is focused on rolling out the training and technical assistance supports along with testing the verification processes, and
  • Phase 3 is focused on providing the quality improvement supports and implementing practice verifications.

Throughout all of these steps, input from the early childhood community is critical to ensure that the revised system supports sustained quality for all.

We recognize that program leaders and classroom educators in programs choosing not to participate in Delaware Stars have a unique perspective. We would like to talk with you to hear your views on the revised Delaware Stars system.

If you are willing to participate in a 90-minute group discussion with other professionals in programs not currently enrolled in Delaware Stars, please complete the QRIS Revision Phase 1 Feedback Interest Survey.

Thank you,

Delaware Stars

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