Quidel toolkit for COVID tests for child care facilities

8/24/21: Quidel toolkit for COVID tests for child care facilities

To All Licensed Child Care Centers,

Enroll your Early Learning Facility today for no-cost, no-hassle COVID-19 testing

Contact Quidel at insidesales@quidel.com

The Department of Education is pleased to support the Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) in providing your early learning facility with free, comprehensive rapid COVID-19 testing services. We are confident that this program is one of the best ways to keep both our students and staff safe and our facilities open as we continue to live in a world influenced by the pandemic.

To be successful, we need every early learning center to enroll in the program — then utilize the tools DPH created for you to motivate parents to grant permission for their child’s participation in testing.

For this program, DPH partnered with Quidel Corporation, a leading diagnostic health care manufacturer, to test asymptomatic students and staff members on a routine basis — which is one of the best ways to stop potential outbreaks and keep your child care facility safe and healthy. Once you enroll, DPH and Quidel will handle everything in a fully turnkey process. This includes:

  • Providing rapid antigen testing supplies returning results in as little as 10 minutes
  • Providing all staffing for testing and collection (nurses or other staff are not required)
  • Communicating results with the school and parents
  • Providing follow-up testing if a positive test is returned
  • Providing no-cost testing for your facility, students, and staff

Please take time to enroll your early learning facility in the testing program today by emailing Quidel insidesales@quidel.com. If you have additional question about the program, you can also email Dr. Richard Pescatore, Chief Physician for DPH at Richard.Pescatore@delaware.gov or visit the COVID-19 school testing website.

On behalf of the Delaware Department of Education, thank you!

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