Delaware Hands and Voices

Delaware Hands and Voices is part of a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families and their children who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as the professionals who serve them. They are a parent-driven, parent/professional collaborative group that is unbiased towards communication modes and methods. Delaware Hands and Voices provides connection, information, advocacy, and community. The Guide By Your Side program matches families with parent guides trained to provide unbiased information and support for whatever path each family chooses. Other services include: a free lending library, a monthly e-newsletter, quarterly national newspaper, speakers and workshops to teach advocacy, safety, and other topics vital to our members. In addition, they host free social events to foster community.

My Child DE is a user-friendly website that brings together resources to help families, providers and other caretakers make informed choices for the children of Delaware. The goal of My Child DE is to help these groups feel welcome, informed and empowered to engage, learn and take the next steps needed to support children.