Suspension and Expulsion Implementation Memo

To all Purchase of Care (POC) Providers:

By now you are aware that the state has implemented a statewide suspension and expulsion policy and that all licensed providers are required to have an individual program suspension and expulsion policy. This memo simply serves to keep you apprised of the state’s suspension and expulsion policy implementation progress. Please read it and share with your colleagues. Please also be advised that beginning March 7, 2020 the University of Delaware, DIEEC will be facilitating a 3-hour in-person suspension and expulsion training statewide, Maintaining Equity in Early Childhood: Suspension & Expulsion Prevention. All POC providers and staff are strongly encouraged  to attend this training but the training is open to all licensed providers. These trainings can only accommodate 30 participants at one time because of the level of engagement, therefore the University will be rolling the trainings out statewide at different times and venues. You can find a listing of the classes at

Please read the Suspension and Expulsion Implementation Memo

You can also read the Suspension and Expulsion Policy

Licensing regulations can be found on the Delaware Office of Child Care Licensing website.

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