Update on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act Implementation

To All Family or Large Family Child Care Home Providers,

The Office of Child Care Licensing (OCCL) appreciates your desire to be proactive regarding the recent changes to Delaware Code made by the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act. The Act increased the amount of lead poisoning screenings required for children from one screening at around 12 months to two screenings to be ordered at around 12 months and 24 months.  To meet these new requirements, OCCL’s DELACARE Regulations for Family and Large Family Child Care Centers, Regulation 23 was changed to increase the number of blood lead screenings required within a Child’s Health Appraisal form.

This regulation change was previously explained at the trainings OCCL presented on the new regulations and in the email sent to all providers on June 3, 2022.   A copy of that email is attached.  All providers were informed that compliance monitoring for the change to Regulation 23 would NOT begin until December 1, 2022.  At this time, OCCL will only monitor that Child Health Appraisals contain proof of a blood lead test for each child ages 12 months and older.  Please Do NOT disenroll children who may be lacking two lead screenings.

As a result of your feedback, OCCL is seeking additional guidance from DPH to ensure clarity for everyone involved.  OCCL will provide you with additional guidance as soon as possible.  We appreciate your patience as we all work to help support the health and safety of children.

Final 934 FCCH-LFCCH Regulations 2022 with proposed regs

Updates to FCCH-LFCCH Regulations and Proposed Changes

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The Office of Child Care Licensing

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